About us

FacialFuzz.com is a trusted online pharmacy offering genuine wellness product – Vaniqa cream. This topical medication is known to provide lasting relief from unwanted facial hair or hirsutism in women.

Determined to provide quality product and services, FacialFuzz.com is led by qualified and experienced staff available round the clock to cater to your medicinal and wellness need.

As per WHO research, every 1 or 2 in 10 medicines are proven fake or adulterated with hazardous chemicals. At FacialFuzz.com, We are determined to eradicate fake and ineffective forms of Vaniqa cream and positively change these statistics. To encourage transparency in the functioning of the pharmaceutical industry, we have been successfully contributing to providing genuine and unadulterated Vaniqa cream procured from reliable sources since our inception.

Why do we cater Vaniqa cream?

We want to bring in a change! We understand the emotional pain bestowed by unwanted facial hair condition on women. They often suffer from social stigma too due to the condition. We want to assure women dealing with excess facial hair issue that the condition does not define you. What defines you is your ability to overcome it. Our Vaniqa cream will help you overcome the emotional social stigma attached to unwanted facial hair condition.

Our Work culture

We value honesty, collaboration, flat hierarchy and innovation. We believe that great work culture is the root for a successful business. Therefore, we emphasize a motivational and collaborative work environment encouraging our team members to showcase their true potential.

We encourage our team to provide the best service to our customers without keeping them in the corporate shackles. Besides, we are keen on improving our services as per our customers. Therefore, we have adapted continuous training and a fast-paced problem-solving process. It helps us make significant impacts on our customers and build a strong base of loyal and satisfied customers worldwide.

Why shop Vaniqa cream with us?

1) Fastest Delivery

We have a large stock of genuine medicines across various regions of Europe, Asia and North America, delivering name brands and generic medicines within a short span.

2) Pocket-friendly

With years of service in the industry, we have built a strong partnership among manufacturers and top vendors. This allows us to procure genuine Vaniqa cream at low cost and avail right it to your doorstep.

3) Impeccable Convenience

No need to drive for hours to get your medicines. With our simple upload feature, you can easily upload your prescription and get your Vaniqa cream just by sitting at your home.

4) Tracking Link

Know the exact location of your shipment with our tracking link, which you will receive at your every order.

5) Re-order in an instant

No need to browse and add your Vaniqa refill again and again. Just click the re-order button and book your previously booked product instantly.