Refund policy

Refund Policy

We reserve the right to make possible changes in our refund policies governing the return, cancel and exchange of orders. We may inform our existing users regarding our policy change through a newsletter. However, we hold no responsibility if we fail to notify you about our policy change. All users are requested to go through our refund policy terms and conditions before making a transaction.

All returns, cancellations or exchange of products are executed as per our refund policies. By agreeing to use our website or placing an order, it will be automatically construed that you have read, agreed and abide by our refund policy terms. If you disagree with our refund policies, we recommend you not make any transaction on our platform.

We aim to deliver a seamless and hassle-free user experience for returning, cancelling or exchanging orders. 

Eligibility for a refund

We have an entire team of professionals who ensure safe and secure packaging and shipment of our product. Our team ensures your order reaches its destination within the estimated time and in its best condition. In rare circumstances, some orders may get misplaced, lost, mishandled or damaged during transit or delivery. In such events, you can initiate a refund with our support team.

You are entitled to a refund if the products received by you are damaged, expired, misplaced or incomplete. Sometimes we split bulk orders into small packages and ship them with a 5 to 7 working days gap to avoid customs hassles. So in case you have received half or part of an order, then kindly contact our support team to ensure the status of the rest of your order.

You can only be entitled to a refund if the shipment gets delayed more than thirty days. If you are from a country with strict covid-19 shipping restrictions, you can apply for a refund if the order is delayed beyond 90 days.

You can only initiate a refund within seven days of receiving the order. Beyond seven days, we reserve the right to refuse your refund request.

Upon receiving a refund request, our team will process a refund once they evaluate and confirm the validity of your refund. We will cancel any refund or reship request for any unjustified and false complaint regarding the quality of the products. We reserve the right to pursue legal actions or impose a lifetime ban on your account in such events.

We assure you that our team will try to resolve your issues as earliest as possible. We recommend you to have all your receipts and invoices alongside. That will help our team to process your request faster.

Cases those are not eligible for a refund:

  • If you have ordered a wrong product/s by mistake from your side
  • If you are returning the products because your doctor/pharmacy changed your prescription
  • If you have partially used the product
  • If you have opened the seal or strip of the product
  • If the batch number of the received product does not match with the ordered products
  • If the barcode, price tag and invoice of the product is missing
  • If you have mistakenly submitted a different address
  • If someone else received the products on your behalf or you were not present while the order was delivered

Delayed Delivery Policy

There are many circumstances that can affect your shipment, such as restrictions imposed by respective countries, customs delays, covid-19 restrictions, etc.

If your delivery is delayed beyond the estimated time, you can click on the tracking link sent to your email to know the current status of your delivery. If you can’t find any information, you can contact our support team, and we will help you track your delivery status by contacting our delivery partners. If you have not received the order, then we will arrange a reshipment for free of cost.

Make sure you have entered the right and accurate shipping address while ordering the product. Ordered placed with wrong addresses will not be eligible for a reshipment or refund.

Mode of Refund

The refund amount will be credited to the same account you made the transaction. For instance, if you purchase the product via credit card, you will receive the refund amount in the bank associated with the credit card. 

The refund amount will probably be credited to your account within 7 to 10 working days. Once we process the amount from our side, it is up to your bank how fast they reflect that amount in your account. We regret any inconvenience caused during that period.

Refund FAQs

No, we provide free reshipment to all countries we cover, provided the minimum order price is $150. However, if you have mistakenly mentioned submitting the wrong shipping address, you are not entitled to a free reshipment.

For orders below $150, we may charge you a reshipment fee.

It depends upon the customs policies of the respective country. You can expect delivery within 45 days in countries with severe restrictions. However, the delay might extend up to 90 days in rare cases. If the limitation is imposed from our resident country, we will notify you before you place the order. However, we have no control over the restriction of the destination country.

You are entitled to a refund if you received a different product you ordered. You can also get a refund if the product you received is damaged or received. We also provide a refund if the delivery gets delayed beyond 30 days of the estimated delivery time.

  • You have submitted a wrong address
  • You have ordered an incorrect product
  • You were not physically present while receiving the product
  • You have partially used or tamper the seal/label of the product
  • You are returning the product because of a prescription change

Make sure you do not tamper with the tags or labels of the product. We reserve the right to cancel your refund request if the product batch does not match with the ordered product.

Please check the tracking code you received in your email to know the current status of your shipment. If the link reads “pre-shipment” or “tracking details not found”, it means your shipment is on the way and hasn’t reached your nearby location. In such events, we recommend you to wait at least 5-7 days and recheck the link. Alternatively, you can call our support team, and we will contact our delivery partner to know the current status of your shipment.

If your shipment gets delayed beyond thirty days of the estimated delivery date or if the shipment is delayed from our side, then we will provide you with a free reshipment or a refund as per your requirement. 

If a few items are missing, then don’t worry. We sometimes split bulk orders and ship them in 5-7 working days to avoid customs hassles. Kindly check your tracking link or contact our support team to confirm the same. If you didn’t receive your full delivery within thirty days, you could request a reshipment or a refund.

It depends upon our delivery partners. If you are not present on the delivery, kindly contact us or call our delivery partner. Make sure to collect your delivery within five days, or it will return to us. 

You can only cancel orders as long as your orders are not shipped. 

We may cancel the order from our side in cases:

  • The ordered products are unavailable
  • You have not provided a valid prescription
  • You have purchased the same product in bulk quantities
  • You have ordered a product for reselling purposes
  • You have ordered a large amount of the same product than the permissible amount
  • You have purchased the same product multiple times at the same address