All orders made and delivered through our website are bound with our current shipping policy. By ordering from our website, it will be automatically construed that you have gone through our shipping policies before ordering a product. Our policies may change time-to-time, which will be notified to our registered users via mail, or you can check it in our ‘shipping policy’ link from our website. Kindly read our shipping policy statement to understand our shipping methods, reshipment, return and delivery policies in detail.

Our shipping policy focuses on implementing the fastest shipping procedures and on-time delivery of goods. We follow extreme quality checks ensuring all products are packaged with the best quality materials to minimize shipment damages and improve customer satisfaction.

Note: Delays in deliveries may be expected in countries with strict covid-19 regulations.

1.Shipping Methods

We usually provide free express shipping to all our covered locations but based on our delivery partners’ availability, we may have to follow standard shipment procedures in some cases.

 Shipping through express delivery is comparatively faster, providing an estimated delivery within 7 to 12 working days. However, you may get the products within 10-18 working days with standard delivery.

Free express delivery is usually provided for residents for countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and European countries with delivery estimation within 7-12 working days. Meanwhile, the delivery timing for the rest of the other countries remains within 12-15 working days.

2.Reshipment Policy

Reshipment is eligible in cases where customers receive a damaged or wrong product. However, customers must initiate the reshipment to our team within seven days of receiving the product. They can do that either via email, call or via the website. They can expect the reshipment or refund once our team confirms it.

Kindly read our refund policy or contact our service team to know in detail.

3.Service Location

We do our best to provide services in all countries worldwide. However, we may not provide our delivery services to some areas under our unserviceable areas list. This includes areas that we are not legally allowed to deliver goods or do not have the presence of our logistic partners in those areas. Customers can enter their pin code to ensure whether their area falls under our service area list or not.

4.Shipping Address

To complete an order placement, you need to provide basic information like their name, billing address, shipping address, landmarks and other relevant details. You must ensure and recheck that all information you provide remains accurate and valid. It helps our delivery partner to locate your exact delivery location.

Remember, customers who provide incorrect addresses will not be eligible for any claim for reshipment or refund. We will also not be held liable if you didn’t receive or delay delivery of products in cases of wrong or inaccurate address.

5.Receiving the products

Our delivery partners will attempt to deliver your parcel at your mentioned address within the estimated delivery period. Make sure to receive the delivery on the first attempt. If you fail to receive the delivery multiple times, we may cancel the delivery from our side. We may charge extra for shipping or delivery charges while processing for refunds or reshipment in such incidents. 

Make sure the person name mentioned on the product receives the delivery. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for a refund or reshipment due to wrong/incomplete/damaged products delivery.

6.Product tracking

After an order is successfully placed, we will process and ship the order, most probably within 24 hours. An order tracking link will be sent to your email address. You can use the link to know the current location or status of your order and the estimated delivery date. In express delivery, you may not see the order or may get a message “order tracking details not found” or “pre-shipment” when clicking the order tracking link. This happens when the order is on the way but hasn’t reached your destination country. If you have doubts, you can contact our service team. We will contact our logistic partners to ensure your delivery reaches your location at the estimated time. 

7.Shipping fees

We provide free express shipping to all our covered locations if your orders are at least $150 minimum. A shipping charge may be applied to orders below $150 depending on your location, payment channel, type of products, etc. 

Free reshipment is only applicable for orders above $150, while orders below that amount will be subjected to an additional shipping charge. However, we can make an exception under special circumstances such as if the product is damaged, defective, incorrect, expired or incomplete during transit or before the delivery. In such events, you are eligible for a return after due verification from our part. 


All returns of purchased items are done from our reverse-logistic partners. Once our staff confirms a return of a product, we will notify the same to our partners. They will contact you to confirm the time for collecting the products. All returns, exchange and reshipment processes are conducted according to our cancellation, return and refund policies. Kindly visit our refund and cancellation policy pages.

Shipping FAQs

Upon verifying a purchase, we will ship your product within 24 hours. After the shipment, we will notify you of the same in your email address along with a tracking code. If the shipment is via express delivery, it will reach you within 5-7 working days. However, the estimated delivery time is 12-15 working days for standard shipping.

We provide free express shipping to all covered countries. That includes Australia too. However, free delivery is only applicable for a minimum order of $150. Orders less than $150 will come with an additional shipping cost.

We provide shipping to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and all European countries. Our warehouse is spread across Europe, which allows us to provide faster delivery without any VAT fee.

We do not serve countries such as China, Brazil, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand, Jordan, Japan, Mexico, UAE, South Africa, Armenia, Indonesia, Israel and New Zealand.

All our shipments from our resident country to another country go through a customs clearance process. The whole process takes around 1-2 working days or more if your resident country has strict covid-19 protocols. 

To make sure you receive your products faster, we may split your orders into small batches and dispatch them in small intervals to minimize custom hassles.

You can check your order’s current status or location by clicking the order tracking link in your email. Alternatively, you can contact our support team. 

Products sent through express delivery may not appear on the tracking link or may display “details not found” or “pre-shipment” until the shipment reaches the destination country. It likely means your shipment is on the way. We recommend you wait at least 3-5 working days before checking the tracking link. 

If you receive the wrong product, you can apply for a free reshipment provided you initiate the complaint within seven days of receiving the product. It requires you to provide all the receipts, and the product is not used or partially used. Also, you must be present in person when the product is delivered to you. If the product is received by someone other than the name mentioned on the package, then you will not be eligible for a reshipment or refund. Please check our refund policy for more details.

We are sorry, but we do not ship to PO boxes. We only ship products to valid addresses to receive them to your doorstep in proper condition and within the estimated time.